Saturday, November 08, 2014

MCAT prep: 10 tips to gain a high MCAT score

Are you looking for MCAT prep tips? Here are 10 tips that will help you get a high MCAT score.
1. Start with an organized study space and the right prep attitude.
Keep your study station neat and away from distractions. Also, maintain a positive attitude. When you are positive about learning, it is easy for you to relax and retain information amidst the mental, physical and emotional challenges that you will go through for months.
2. Make a study schedule and stick to it.
An ideal study schedule is 3 to 6 hours a day for 3 to 6 months. What are the subjects that you like the least? Start with them.
3. Get a good  new MCAT book and a bunch of videos.
While old notes from your science classes will come handy, an MCAT book will help you focus only on what you need to study for the exam.
Also, do supplement your book with MCAT videos. Visual tools such as videos will maximize your science review.

4. Take good notes
Take notes and highlight important information with the use of colored pens. Then, review your notes daily. Reading your notes 24 hours after learning something will help you retain information better.
5. Apply spaced out learning
No, we don't mean to day dream while studying! We mean studying a topic a few times over a long time span, a proven effective learning technique. You may use MCAT flashcards for this approach. 
6. Get a study buddy or join a study group
Research at the Curtin University of Technology suggests that a study group on top of your MCAT prep course, will enhance your learning experience.
7. Be an active reader
This will prepare you for the MCAT CARS (MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills) section. Ask yourself these questions: What is the main argument? What statements prove that argument? What points undermine the argument? What is the writer’s agenda?
The section will touch on ethics, philosophy, cultural studies, population health, social sciences and humanities; thus, read more about these topics. Practice with opinion articles found on The New Yorker, The New York Times or The Economist.
8. Access free study guides
Free resources abound and these can complement your MCAT book. For your MCAT science review, refer to MCAT Physics Equations SheetOrganic Chemistry Mechanisms and MCAT Biochemistry Review Summary.  There are also many free MCAT practice tests online.
9. Take at most three MCAT practice tests weekly
Do not over-test yourself, otherwise, your score will stagnate. Take notes after every MCAT practice test and review these notes before taking another test. Also, take the tests in an environment that is similar to that of the real MCAT.

10. Be physically prepared for the exam
A good night’s sleep increases your brain’s capacity to retain information. Besides, lack of sleep today results to a struggle tomorrow.
Continue to engage in physical activity, sports, hobbies and consider yoga for stress relief.
Then, one month before the big day, already adjust your waking hours to the day of the exam.
May you find these MCAT prep tips helpful. Good luck!

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