Sunday, February 15, 2015

Premed tips on setting goals

Getting into medical school may not be an easy process, but many students have succeeded and you can, too. 
Sharing with you some gold nuggets that may prove helpful in your journey towards becoming a medical student: 

1. Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. Big goals are overwhelming, but taking baby steps along the way makes them attainable. Be open-minded especially when results are not what you have expected. You can always try new approaches. 
2. Seek support. A strong support group like your family, friends or fellow students will help you accomplish more. Do not be ashamed to say, “I need help.” 
3. Understand the admission process. Read about the medical schools that interest you. Know the importance that they place on your GPA, MCAT results, letters of reference, autobiographical materials or interviews. If you have clarifications, write to them. 
4. For MCAT preparation, start early and study regularly. With sufficient time to study, you will be able to craft a study schedule that is effective. 
In addition, some premed courses in college will be able to help in your early preparation. Click here: What college classes do you need to take to prepare for the MCAT? 
5. Relax! While the new MCAT requires a lot of preparation, you should not forsake all your other activities to study. Try to keep exercising, maintain a social life and do things you enjoy. If you balance work with things which relax you, you will work more effectively overall.
6. Lastly, believe in yourself. The only person standing between you and success is yourself.

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