Monday, August 11, 2014

Are MCAT Flashcards helpful for MCAT Review?

Why are MCAT flashcards helpful? The reasons are varied.
  • Flashcards promote space repetition learning. Research has shown that studying the same information at spaced intervals instead of pouring over one topic or material, improves memory retention.
  • They require you to make a deliberate action of recalling information, which is a good memory booster compared to just relying solely on reading facts and figures in textbooks.
  • MCAT flashcards strip down hundreds of concepts into essential facts.
  • You can study on the go.
  • Flashcards can be used as visual tools (for visual learners) and can be read aloud (for auditory learners).
Gold Standard offers MCAT flashcards in two formats - as a deck of poker-sized cards or as a MCAT flashcards app. The latter provides another benefit -- being environment-friendly.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod touch and optimized for iPhone 5, the Gold Standard MCAT Flashcards App covers all the important MCAT science concepts. It has 445 questions that are divided into 3 categories - Basic, Most Tested and MCAT 45 (the most challenging).  Your scores are saved so that you can keep track of your progress. It also has an option to mark questions for later review.
It has 40 MCAT videos by Dr. Brett Ferdinand, an MCAT tutor who aced the exam himself and thus understands the MCAT preparation process well; and the primary author of The Gold Standard MCAT textbook, science videos and MCAT practice tests.
If you have not invested on flashcards to reinforce your MCAT review yet, it is time to do so.
Best of luck as you shuffle your way to MCAT success!

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