Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MCAT personal notes: your ticket to higher MCAT scores

Preparation for the new MCAT would require integration. You will be required to have a solid grasp of fundamental definitions and concepts and know how these concepts come together in the life processes of living organisms. Then, you must be able to integrate one’s knowledge and use it to reason.
Thus, you will definitely need quality prep materials and a disciplined study schedule (3-6 hours a day for 3-6 months) to get a high MCAT score and to be accepted to medical school.
However, there is also another important part of your review: your MCAT personal notes.
Your notes will ensure that you avoid the mistake of overstudying or understudying. With note taking, you can maximize the benefits of your content review, practice problems and full-length exams.
A chapter review would result in one to two pages of notes. Every line you read, ask yourself: do I know this already? is this related to something else I read? is this really relevant to the MCAT? Your notes shall focus on the most relevant and new information. For example, if you have noticed a derivation of the Ideal Gas Equation, include that in your notes if it was something new for you.
Also, focus on information that you want to retain as well as keywords and concepts.
Taking notes after taking a full-length MCAT practice test is also important. These notes will make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake. Then, review your notes before taking another test.
Read your notes two to three times per week and then everyday in the weeks leading up to the exam. Research has shown that reading your notes every day improves information recall.
These notes will be your most precious review tool in the days leading up to the real MCAT. Good luck!

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