Thursday, October 18, 2012

MCAT changes: important updates

The testing time for MCAT 2013 and 2014 will be shorter than it was in the recent years because the Writing Sample section will no longer be administered. Instead, a 45-minute Trial Section will take its place.


·         will be the last section of the test day.
·         is voluntary and unscored:  results of the Trial Section will not affect the candidates’ MCAT scores at all.
·         does not require pre-registration.
·         will only be administered to volunteers AFTER completing the core “scored” sections of the exam, selecting “I wish to have my MCAT exam SCORED,” and by answering “YES” to the statement “Please indicate below if you would like to participate in the Trial Section.”

What’s in it?

·         It consists of 32 new questions in biochemistry, biology, chemistry, and physics, or in psychology, sociology and biology
·         Questions are based on an examinee’s completed courses as indicated in his/her MCAT registration.

What’s in it for the AAMC?

Responses in the Trial Section will be used as bases in selecting topics and questions, which will be included in the MCAT 2015.

What’s in it for the candidates?

·         A peek at the content that medical school admissions officers want applicants to know
·         $30® Gift Card Claim Code, which will be emailed within 3-4 weeks, for those who made sincere and honest efforts in answering the Trial Section
·         Performance feedback that could be used as comparative assessment with other volunteer examinees